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Digital Video Consulting

We offer digital video consulting services where we will recommend a top-notch video strategy, evaluate your current or existing video content, and ensure your digital marketing is standing out against your competitors.

Video Consulting Services

Video has become an integral part of digital marketing, which makes it even more important to ensure the tone, writing style and delivery of your video content really resonates with your audience. Our expertise in digital media and content creation is vast. We've helped several companies – including Circa News, Zazoom Media Group, and The Blaze – with successful content launches on digital platforms, OTT and television. We assist major digital firms and startups with their writing and on-air delivery, teaching them to develop a voice and style that will guarantee success for years to come.  


If you currently have video content on your website that you aren’t thrilled with, or you’re unsure of which video clips would be best to present on your social media pages, or you’re simply trying to turn your in-house videos into something that tells a compelling story, Sorrentino Media is here to help! Learn about the various services we offer and reach out to us today if you’re interested in receiving expert media consulting for your digital marketing strategy.  ​

digital media consulting
MMJ / Backpack Journalist Training

Digital media is growing, and on-camera talent is a big part of that movement. Many digital properties find themselves with a mix of both traditional broadcast anchors and young millennials. A seasoned broadcast anchor may not fully recognize or understand the drastic difference in tone and delivery that digital content requires. While a young person does understand digital content, they have little to no experience and may feel rather anxious to be on camera.


Sorrentino Media can help both groups to transition and feel comfortable. From identifying and working through the appropriate on-air tone and delivery that is essential for web content, to guiding new talent through the many important skillsets that are come from a traditional TV news background – we do it all and we can help on-camera talent get where they need to be in today’s digital media world.

Content Development | Media Consulting
Content Development


In broadcast media, content is king. Mike Sorrentino knows that area better than most, having worked for more than a decade in traditional TV news production (Fox News Channel) and by writing, producing and editing a full-season of a national broadcast lifestyle TV show (Hook, Line & Skillet).


Content is changing at a rapid pace, making dramatic shifts to the web. Michael can take his strengths and experience from his years of traditional broadcast television and apply it to the current shift in content production. The result? He produces relevant, savvy and visually stunning digital videos. 


There is a wide range of recent projects he has worked on, from 30 second text-on-screen Facebook videos, to Facebook Live & Periscope broadcasts, to short-form video series, for clients such as Time, Inc.  

Operational Workflow Media Consulting
Operational Workflow


Does this situation sound familiar? You have an amazing idea and it looks great on paper. But your entire team is telling you that it's just too hard, that it’s not feasible or that it’s "impossible". You’ve hit a brick wall and you feel stuck. That's where we come in.


With our unique set of skills and trained perspectives, we will find a way to make your vision come to life efficiently and within your budget. Sometimes you just need the assistance and guidance of a video marketing consultant that can take your idea everyone deems unrealistic and show you how much of a reality it can be. Our client’s often find that simply having another person in the room that will present ideas and give an outsider’s perspective can move the ball forward and get their marketing strategy back on track.          

Digital Marketing Consulting in NYC

Sorrentino Media is a full-service NYC production company. This means that we don’t just produce digital content – we will also consult with you on what kind of video content would be most efficient, valuable and cost-effective for your brand and business. From the first steps of planning to the final steps of post-production editing, we are with our clients every step of the way.


If you’re interested in learning more, get in touch with us online or give us a call at 212-203-8419. We look forward to hearing from you!  

Video Consulting FAQ

What does a video consultant do?

A video consultant can assist companies with their writing and on-air delivery, as well as their content development and operational workflow, in order to craft a perfect marketing strategy for your unique brand and business. Often times, our clients have found that just having the outside opinion of a media expert can present ideas that otherwise went unrealized and can move things back on track for their strategy.  

What are the benefits of hiring a video consultant?

When you hire a consultant for your video marketing strategy, you’re receiving the experience and unbiased direction from someone that understands what a video should both look and sound like, as well as what it takes to have a strong marketing strategy. The guidance of a video consultant can help your team to know exactly what direction to take with your marketing plan in order to yield the most profitable and successful results, both in the immediate weeks ahead and in the long-term future.

How do you develop a video strategy?

All successful video marketing strategies begin by defining your goals. Once your goals are clearly defined, you would want to understand who your target audience will be, create a mission statement, decide what kind of videos to create. Depending on your goal and audience, there are many different kinds of video to create, such as “About Us” videos, commercial advertising and social media videos. The final steps are to set your budget and establish a team for content creation.

How do you make successful video content?

The main purpose of your video strategy is to create content that will keep an audience engaged. The video should be simple, easy to digest and entertaining. An effective video is going to tell a story that is authentic, unique, and appealing. It will communicate to your audience what sets your brand apart from the crowd. Depending upon your overall goals, the video should close with a call to action, be an appropriate length, and capture the attention of viewers within the first five seconds.

Why do I need video consulting?  

Having an unbiased third party involved in your video strategy can help your team to create compelling content, improve engagement and showcase the uniqueness and individuality of your brand. You can certainly seek consulting services from in-house, but what generally ends up happening is a final product that is self-promoting and lacks ingenuity. A video consultant can weigh-in on which project to prioritize and can help identify what project will generate the most profitable results.   


"As a network news professional, Mike anticipated our needs in helping to train our digital newsroom in a start-up environment.  He has an understanding for the latest technology that is driving news gathering today and was able to break it down for my staff who needed to get up to speed fast on how to best use the tools to create compelling content."

Grace Cutler| Managing Editor, Circa News

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