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  • Michael Sorrentino

The Democratization of Video

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

I have a confession to make: I used to be incredibly bored at work.

I loved producing video, but I was forced to do it on a factory scale. I was just churning out material without really thinking it through. When I expressed frustration, the response always came down to budgets, "those kinds of videos cost a lot of money and time."

Then, I was lucky enough to get laid off from an employer that was closing their New York office. This gave me the window to start my own shop. Now that I am in charge, we take a thoughtful approach with partners and clients who care about the visuals and messaging just as much as we do.

That whole bit about big budgets? Not here. Never again.

The coolest part of working in this industry is that there's so much great technology being released every single day that enables us to do this for clients of any size. This really democratizes the video production process for every budget.

video production for every budget

Here are two examples: I have a shoot one day this month with a Fortune 500 company and another with a local barber. Of course, these budgets vary widely but only by choice.

The big company's project involves multiple shoots, big spaces, and requires a lot more lighting and editing.

The barber is spending just under $1000. For him, we're shooting everything in 2-hours using a DSLR and a DJI Osmo+ to shoot a beautiful profile of his tiny-yet-beautiful shop.

Both projects are being produced for a fraction of what it would have cost just a few years ago.

The best part? We are going to have a blast producing both projects, and the clients are going to love the end product (and the ROI).

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