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Production Studio A

Located at 232 Madison Avenue, Suite 1002 (corner of 37th and Madison Ave). Both studios are 4k or HD. 


Studio A is ideal for 1-2 speakers, single camera. This studio features a Green Screen or seamless color backdrops, and a 100 inch 4k video wall. It's capable of being fully remote controlled should there be COVID concerns. 


This room is optimized for single-camera head-on. Using a 4k camera, we are able to mimic a multiple camera shoot by “punching in” on the shot without losing image quality. 

Sorrentino Media_Studio A.jpg
Studio A_2.jpg

Available Equipment 


1 to 3 cameras (HD and 4k options available)

Canon C300 Mark 3, C100, or Panasonic EVA1, Lumix



16x BiColor 1x1 LED panels

2x bicolor 2x1 LED panels

2x RGB 1x1 LED panels

3x ETC Colorsource CYC v1.7 RGBI-L LED lights


Wired and wireless options and use Sony, Sennheiser, and Tram microphones.



Wired and wireless IFB system




*Additional equipment available on request

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