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The Sorrentino Media Team

Based out of New York City, Sorrentino Media is a boutique production company that specialized in all forms of digital media. From remote to studio work, from audio podcasting to video shoots, and everything else in between: we pride ourselves in keeping ahead of the industry. With the latest technology and production facilities, everything at Sorrentino Media is designed to generate the best possible content for your brand. 

Accordingly, our small-but-mighty organization has seen rapid growth in the corporate and branded content spaces. Since we opened our doors in 2016, we have operated under the same ethos guiding our passion for media: no project too large, and no story too small to be told. Sorrentino Media's team of media leaders and experts approach every project with the same spirit; by rolling up our sleeves, combining our expertise across multiple disciplines together, and getting the job done right. 

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Michael’s producing career began in the 80’s, when he created quality content for the neighborhood from his family room with his dad’s VHS camcorder.  He went on to become a veteran broadcast producer, having worked for more than a decade in national TV news. He has worked on the frontlines of major news stories from presidential elections to international humanitarian issues, and everything in between: including running live newscasts, training on-air reporters, and developing video content.


At Sorrentino Media, Michael's unparalleled production experience is put to good use in three different and meaningful ways: full-service video production, consulting and media training. As a producer and consultant, Michael creates and develops bespoke digital content for his clients. At his core, he's a master storyteller with a journalistic eye and a keen understanding of the big picture. He knows how to quickly unearth the client's core development needs and fine-tune the messaging. Michael's passion and unbridled enthusiasm have resulted in long-term client relationships and a strong referral base. He always strives to bring out the best in everyone he works with. 


Michael is admittedly a gadget-nerd who has a knack for finding a good travel deal. When not working, you’ll find him “cooking” in a play-kitchen alongside his daughter, Rose, and wife, Annie.

Wade Shields_Creative

As the Creative Director, Wade translates clients’ goals into a production plan that the Sorrentino Media team can bring to life. He has a blast finding the most engaging way to tell a story, and it is his personal goal to minimize stress for everyone involved in the process. While he has a knack for planning, he also loves the thrill of problem solving and adapting to real-world limitations that may arise. His start in the industry as an editor helps him visualize the end product, whether he is storyboarding or on set. 


Wade graduated from the University of Arizona with a BFA in Film Production and a minor in Creative Writing. He also wrote, produced, and directed Mister Sadpants, a feature film that was showcased in the 2018 Phoenix Film Festival. Outside of the office, he is usually cooking with his husband, cuddling his cats, or desperately trying to get his houseplants to keep growing.

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Liz kicked off her career in front of the camera as a local news reporter at several television stations throughout Florida. Bring her an iced coffee (she’ll be your best friend) and she will regale you with tales of storm chasing, shark sightings, and spring break stories she covered during her tenure in the Sunshine State. In 2005, she moved behind the camera first in public relations, then back to production in 2006 as a producer to embark on a new chapter of her life. She moved to New York City. 


Once in the city, Liz’s bags were always packed as she traveled working as a field producer for a syndicated news magazine show.  Eventually, she moved onto the role of a segment producer at a national morning show. Liz loved the variety of segments assigned to her, things like;  a live wedding on 6th Ave, cooking segments, celebrity interviews and breaking news. She was always looking for the best way to tell a story.  Liz’s journalism career helped prepare her for the freelance world she entered in 2010. Since then, she has worked on a variety of projects, ultimately leading her to Sorrentino Media as Executive producer. In this role, Liz loves working with clients, and overseeing projects from the beginning stages through completion.


Liz is not only the Executive Producer at Sorrentino Media, she also works alongside her husband as Co-Executive Producer of her two daughters, Maggie and Abby.  Together, they offer Liz daily training on troubleshooting, managing expectations, and keeping the daily rundown moving along!

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With extensive backgrounds in both information technology and music production, Roman started his career in Audiovisual Production Design and quickly built a reputation as an extremely efficient project leader. Leveraging his expertise with production equipment and workflows, Roman now specializes in building and deploying multimedia infrastructure, including server architecture, studio construction, production design, and project management.

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The face reflected in an edit screen, Ashley is our Senior Video Editor focused on editing long-form and short-form videos, plus working closely with a variety of clients to tell their stories. From a young age, Ashley could be found spending hours splicing away in Windows Movie Maker, turning her own creative writing projects into short videos. That love of storytelling carried into her time at Hofstra University, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Video/Television as well as in English - Creative Writing. To her, editing is like a puzzle, and it thrills her to help you place your final piece. When she closes Adobe Premiere for the day, you can find her with her nose in a novel or binge-watching reality television.

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Dan is the Director of Audio Production at Sorrentino Media, bringing a deep passion for storytelling to our clients' projects. Dan oversees any and all audio production needs, with an emphasis on podcast production for clients big and small. Previously, they have worked as a sound designer and technician for theater, concerts, and podcasts, working in and around the New York City area for a decade. Dan is also a writer, having published essays and short stories in various publications, and a musician who has released several albums with collaborators and as a solo artist. Outside of their professional work, you can find them in the kitchen trying out a new recipe, playing and collecting retro video games, or snuggling with their cat and a book.


232 Madison Avenue, Suite 1002 

New York, NY 10016 | 212-203-8419

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