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The Power of Interactivity: Engaging Your Viewers During Live Streams

Are you a seasoned host in the world of live streaming, or are you relatively new to this concept? Regardless of your experience level, one undeniable truth remains: the ability to captivate and maintain viewer engagement during live streams is…

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podcasting for businesses to boost brand awareness

Leveraging Podcasts to Boost Brand Awareness & Lead Generation

It goes without saying that podcasts have seen an unprecedented surge in popularity. The reason you landed on this page is likely because you’re already aware that podcasts have become a go-to source of entertainment, education, and information for millions…

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Creating a Captivating Live Stream: 7 Storytelling Techniques that Will Make Your Script More Memorable & Engaging

Live stream video content is a powerful tool for businesses and individuals to connect with their audience in real-time. Among the various factors that contribute to a successful live stream, storytelling stands out as a crucial element that can transform…

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Webcasting and Hybrid Events: Blending In-Person and Virtual Experiences

The way we connect, communicate, and engage with one another has drastically transformed in recent years. The rise of webcasting and hybrid events has revolutionized the event industry, providing exciting opportunities to bridge the gap between in-person and virtual experiences….

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Live Streaming for Events: 3 Tips & Best Practices for a Successful Virtual Event

Live streaming events can be an effective way to reach large audiences and share content that may not otherwise be accessible. Since it allows people from all around the world to participate in real-time, regardless of their geographical location, it…

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Interviewing Skills for Podcasters: Techniques to Bring Out the Best in Your Guests

What would a podcast be without the appearance of special guests? Many shows rely heavily on interviews with experts, celebrities, and other interesting people to bring in a different point of view and provide an entertaining episode. But conducting an…

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Remote film crew instructs a subject where to look while producers are on Zoom.

The Three Keys to Successful Key Opinion Leader (KOL) Interviews: Unpacking the Art of Pharmaceutical Storytelling

In the pharmaceutical field, the stories of how medication can dramatically transform lives are awe-inspiring and deeply human. At Sorrentino Media, we’ve been fortunate enough to partner with several firms for this type of content marketing, using our expertise in video…

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How to Host a Virtual Conference with Live Streaming [2023 Guide]

Virtual conferences and remote events have become a increasingly popular since the worldwide coronavirus pandemic, and this form of event has proven to be an effective way to bring people, companies and organizations together from all corners of the earth….

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The Rising Importance of Animation in Legal Cases

As technology continues to advance and become more integrated into our daily lives, its influence is permeating various industries, including the legal field. One of the most significant developments in recent years has been the increasing use of animation in…

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simplicity in digital marketing campaigns

The Power of Simplicity in Digital Marketing Campaigns

In the world of digital marketing, there’s a common saying: “Don’t try to boil the ocean.” This simple piece of advice encapsulates the importance of keeping your marketing campaigns narrow and focused. In an age where attention spans are shorter…

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podcasting with ai

Maximize Your Tech Company’s Reach with Budget-Friendly Video Podcasts: Harness the Power of AI

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, tech companies must find innovative and cost-effective ways to maintain a strong presence in the market. One solution that has emerged as an essential tool for content marketing is video podcasting. YouTube was recently…

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Yes, AI is Here to Stay for Video. No, That Doesn’t Mean My 4 y/o Can Edit Your Marketing Video

I miss sitting in an edit room. It’s been 3 years since Covid shut everything down and our digital media production company is now fully remote. In a million ways, this is great. There’s also a lack of personal connection…

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