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It’s time for women to level up and take an equal Seat at the Table

The following blog is part of a group research project from Michael’s classwork in his journey toward a Masters degree from Harvard University Gender Equality is one of the various United Nations Global Issues. Besides being a fundamental human right,…

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3 Tips for Being on Camera

Whether you’re preparing for an interview on live TV, starring in a video for your company’s website, or creating social media content wherein you speak to your followers directly, we understand that being in front of the camera can be…

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How We Did It: CrimeCon COVID Compliance

Our production studio recently completed a project with CrimeCon, a True Crime convention that provides education and experience on the latest cases, newest scientific techniques, and everything in between. Since the convention was virtual this year, we helped produce their…

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Signs You Need Media Training

If you’re hoping to become a well-respected and highly sought-after expert in your field, you’ve undoubtedly been seeking opportunities to speak on television, radio or print. But once you’ve secured those media placements, either through the assistance of a skilled…

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In Response To Coronavirus, There Has Never Been A Better Time For Webinars And Live Streams

In the wake of one of the biggest pandemics since 2009’s swine flu, COVID-19 has the world worried about even the slightest exposure. Now reaching over 27 countries, the world has taken serious precautions against the additional spread—including closing schools…

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This is What’s Missing in Most NYC Studios

When we first opened the doors to our midtown Manhattan studio, my wife (who knows a thing or two as the CEO of Pace Public Relations) gave me a valuable piece of advice; the client experience is just as important…

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This is a Game Changer for Content Marketing

Marketing. Content. Content marketing. Marketing content. That’s all we hear about. We need to create content to market our businesses. I should know this more than anyone; we’re in the content marketing business. So, every so often I have to…

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