Podcasting is a popular and effective way of distributing content to a wide audience. B2B podcasting, in particular, can be especially beneficial for businesses trying to engage with their target market. In this article, we’ll discuss the definition of B2B podcasting, its benefits, strategies for creating an effective podcast program and the best way to get started.

What is a B2B podcast?

A podcast is a form of digital audio broadcasting that involves the creation, production and distribution of content to target audiences. Therefore, a B2B podcast is simply a podcast that’s created by a B2B company.

This type of podcasting focuses on providing helpful, educational or entertaining content that can help businesses promote their products and services, build relationships with customers, and increase exposure for their brand.

A great example of a current B2B podcast is the Freshbook’s Accounting Podcast. The podcast provides helpful advice on accounting and financial management topics to help listeners understand the complexities of running a business.

Benefits of B2B Podcasting

There are numerous benefits associated with creating and distributing a B2B podcast:

1. Increased exposure for your brand – By broadcasting compelling content, you can reach a broader audience, create brand recognition, and establish yourself as an industry leader.

2. Improved customer relationships – By offering helpful or entertaining content to your target market, you can build trust and loyalty with existing customers while also attracting new ones.

3. More engagement with website visitors – Podcasts are a great way to engage with website visitors, as they can listen while browsing other content.

4. Easily reach prospective customers – Podcasts provide an easy way to get your message out to potential customers who might not be exposed to your brand otherwise.

5. Increase in organic traffic – By optimizing for SEO and creating shareable content, you can increase your organic search engine traffic.

How can podcasts set you apart from your competitors?

If your market is saturated with competitors, it can be tough to differentiate your brand from all others. Podcasting is a great way to do this. Here’s how:

Generate brand awareness

You can use a podcast to highlight your unique points of view and expertise, ultimately helping differentiate you from competitors.

Establish yourself as a thought leader

By providing helpful or entertaining content, you can position yourself as a leader in your field and attract more customers.

Build stronger relationships with clients

You can use a podcast to build stronger relationships with customers and connect with them on a deeper level by creating content that resonates with them and offers valuable insights.

Make your brand more relatable

Podcasts are a great way to make your brand sound more human and relatable, which can help customers connect with you on a personal level.

Strategies for getting started with a B2B podcast

Creating a successful B2B podcast program requires planning, preparation and the right tools. Here are some strategies to keep in mind when creating a B2B podcast program:

Define your target audience

Before you create your podcast, it’s important to identify who you’re trying to reach. This is the first step of any marketing initiative. Knowing your target audience will help you craft content that resonates with them and meets their needs.

Unlike traditional podcasts, where the intent is generally to reach as many listeners as possible, most B2B podcasts are created with the intent of reaching a certain niche audience and in effect, establishing your brand as a thought leader in your industry, which will in turn generate new leads and build an overarching authority.

Have a clear purpose

You should also decide on the purpose of your podcast. Are you looking to educate customers or provide them with entertainment? Are you looking to promote a specific product or message? Or perhaps you’re hoping that this podcast will support your overall business goals.

While most podcasts have monetization efforts through ad placements and partnerships, B2B podcasts have the goal of having people engage with their company directly. Whatever the case, identifying your purpose will help you stay focused on creating content that serves that goal.

Know your KPIs

Before you launch, it’s important to establish KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that will help you measure the success of your podcast. This could be anything from downloads and subscribers, to listener engagement and reach.

How many leads are you hoping to generate? How are you going to track your data? What are your expectations, and are they realistic? Becoming a thought leader is a great goal, but it’s not exactly easy to measure.

Knowing what metrics are important for your podcast will give you an idea of how successful it is and if any changes need to be made.

Find the right platform

Once you have a clear idea of your target audience, purpose and KPIs, it’s time to decide on a platform for hosting your podcast. There are many podcasting platforms out there – from free services such as Anchor or Spotify to paid services like Libsyn.

It all depends on what kind of features you’re looking for, how much control you want to have over your content and if you want to monetize your podcast.

Create quality content

Creating quality content is essential for any successful podcast. You don’t necessarily need fancy equipment – all that’s really needed is a good microphone and some editing software. But the most important thing is to create content that is valuable and engaging for your listeners.

You should also try to add some personality and humor into the mix, as this helps keep people engaged.

Promote the podcast

Once your podcast is live, you’ll need to promote it in order to reach a wider audience. Create a page on your website or blog page dedicated to the podcast and use social media marketing tactics such as Facebook Ads and Twitter campaigns to get the word out.

Be consistent

Consistency is key for any successful podcast. It’s important to release episodes on a regular basis, so that people know when to expect new content from you. This will help build loyalty and trust between you and your listeners.

In Conclusion

Creating a B2B podcast can be an incredibly effective way to reach a niche audience and become a thought leader in your industry. However, it’s important to have clear goals, target the right audience, use the right platform and promote the podcast effectively. With these steps in mind, you’ll be well on your way to creating successful B2B podcasts.

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