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Our boutique production company is focused on delivering the highest quality video while being nimble enough to stay within budget and meeting your deadline.

Sorrentino Media video production reel

"About Us" 

Video is the ONLY way to tell your company story.


We produce gorgeous videos that show who your company is and what you represent.

Social Videos 

Promote your business and brand on social media. 


We churn content quickly and with a sharp look for your Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube channels. 

Explainer Videos

Be a thought leader! 


We use easy to understand visuals and graphics to convey your message. Educate your audience, explain the issues, and show your expertise. 



Short-form Unscripted Content

We are master storytellers. Through beautiful cinematography and writing, we can turn wonderful stories in a short period of time. 


Here's a sample clip from a short-form digital series that will be launching this Fall on a major tech website

Click above to watch a clip from a short-form digital series that we produced.

Corporate and Industrial 

We know how important it is it carefully craft your message and deliver it. With a delicate touch and professionalism, we bring the highest level of quality and attention to detail to your video.


Click above for a clip of recent corporate video work

Green-Screen Videos 

Green screen is nothing new, but technology has allowed us to do some pretty amazing things with video that will make your message "pop". 


Whether it's shot in a studio, or we come to you,  we can turn high-quality green-screen content incredibly fast.

Click above to watch a clip of recent green-screen work

Crowdfunding Campaign Videos 

We understand that your product or service is your baby. We also get how outsiders see it. It's all about telling your story and tapping into the emotion of your campaign.  

Click above to watch a clip of recent campaign video work

Speaker or Guest Sizzle Reels

We know producers and conference bookers. If you want to put together a sizzle reel that speaks to your strengths and punches your message, we can do it better than anyone.

Click above to watch a clip  of recent sizzle reel work

Branded Content

When sponsorship is integrated into the content, we don't make a hidden commercial. Our storytelling is rooted in journalism - everything can be told as an interesting tale. We will work with you to deliver your intended message without compromising the integrity of the story.

Commercial Advertising

Hitting your message in 30 seconds is not easy. We will work with you on finding the right way to deliver your message in 30 or 60 seconds. 

Property Documentaries

Selling a building or land is hard enough. Many times, the buyer is remote.

Our property docs are 3 to 5-minute videos that tell the story of the location, the neighborhood, the local economy. 


With beautiful visuals and expert insight, property docs can be the little touch that makes the sale.

Satellite Media Tours

We can come to you!

New technology allows us to skip the costly studio and satellite feeds. Using a high-speed internet connection, you can host your media tour for a book, cooking demo, or product launch right from your offices. 


We can also accommodate traditional SMT's and green-screen remote interviews from our NYC studio.


"Mike is one of the best producers I have worked with. He is creative, resourceful  and open minded especially when it comes to story telling and technology. He puts talent at ease and gets what we need.  He is unflappable, organized and enthusiastic. Mike is one of those people that does what it takes to get the job done and is truly great to work with. I’m looking forward to keeping him busy"  

Gemma Toner | Founder, ChartOne Media

"We were blown away with how detailed and organized Mike was with our documentary project. From the moment he stepped in, he took control of scheduling and pre-production coordination. On location he conducted dozens of sensitive interviews with ease and professionalism. His finished product is a moving, informative piece. We can't wait to work with him again"

Kim Holderness | Managing Partner, Greenroom Communications