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If your search for a “production company near me” has led you to Sorrentino Media, then look no further! We invite you to learn more about our boutique production company in NYC and the various projects we’ve worked on to create high quality video content for our clients, including explainer videos, social media content, sizzle reels, and so much more.  

Our Production Company in NYC

Sorrentino Media is committed to delivering the highest quality video content to our clients. Not only do we ensure that the content we produce is both current and captivating, but we consistently remain resourceful and efficient enough to stay within our client’s budget and meet their deadline. We have had the honor of working on a vast range of video production projects, and we are always ready for a new and exciting venture. Check out our video production reel, or keep reading to learn more about what we do at our NYC production company!  

Production Company near Me
Production Company New York City

Why Hire a Video Production Company? 

There are significant benefits that come from hiring a video production company for your project rather than attempting to create the video content yourself. One of which is the simple factor of budgeting. While many feel they are saving funds by handling their video production in-house, when you factor in the cost of equipment, the amount of time needed to create a quality video, and the risk of hiring an inexperienced employee, you’ll find that working with a professional video production company will save you more money in the long run. Not only do they have the equipment, time and know-how, they will provide you with a beautiful, high-quality product that you can use for years to come within a variety of different marketing campaigns and platforms. They will also work with you to stick to your budgeting needs, no matter how small or limited.  


Further, many find that they simply lack the creative skills to create a fully original product. Since video production companies work with a wide range of clients and industries, they are never lacking in drive or tenacity when it comes to delivering original and unique video content. And since remaining current with the latest trends is a necessity for video production, you’re guaranteed to receive a final product that is popular, up-to-date and can deliver your message across a wide range of social media platforms and digital mediums.      


Any top-notch production company would have a good sense of storytelling. In addition to his experience and work history, at his core, Mike Sorrentino is an expert storyteller. He has the immense skillset of being able to pinpoint the big picture, narrow down the main aspects of his clients’ message, and then provide an impactful and creative story in video format.       

Contact Sorrentino Media Today!

If you’re ready to tell your story to the world and are in need of a video production company that will meet your deadline, stay on budget and produce stunning video content for yourself, business or brand, do not hesitate to reach out to Sorrentino Media online or by phone at 212-203-8419. We look forward to hearing from you!  

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