Being a guest on podcasts is an excellent way to network with people in your industry, reach potential new clients and grow your personal brand or business. Taking part in podcasts allows you to share your personality, expertise, and viewpoints. That said, there are a few things you can do to ensure you’re a great guest, which will pave the way to more opportunities down the line.

1) Be Prepared

It’s so important that you plan ahead of time for being a podcast guest. This means listening to a couple of its previous shows beforehand. This will give you an understanding of the show structure, the host’s personality, previous guests that were interviewed, and the general vibe of the show.

Make sure that the host sends you a list of questions or topics they want to discuss on the episode, so you can review them beforehand to ensure you’re giving the best answers and responses without being caught of guard. Remember, your podcast hosts wants the both of you to look good. They will appreciate the effort you make to prepare ahead of time – and so will listeners!

2) Be Real

It’s OK to fumble over your words, to take a few moments to pause, and to not be perfect. You’re a real person, not a robot. Laugh, have fun, and be relatable. If you have trouble finding the right words, make fun of yourself to lighten the mood, put yourself at ease, and show listeners that you’re down to earth.

Additionally, don’t skate around or dodge any questions. Answer them directly every time. Taking this head-on approach will only increase your likeability and episode rankings.

3) Be Audible

Make your audio a priority. If the audio is poor quality, the entire episode is poor quality. Your iPhone is not going to suffice. Invest in a microphone, and ensure you’re seated in a quiet room. This will guarantee that your audio comes across crisp and clear. Your host will be appreciative that you are a respectful and responsible guest, and your listeners will be thankful that they can easily understand what you’re saying.

4) Be Focused

Your attention should be on your host, and nowhere else. This means minimizing all distractions. Mute your cell phone, turn off notifications on your devices, and do not respond to any emails or text messages. This is not a time to multitask.

If you have pets or small children, make sure they cannot be heard over your audio, or find a quiet room for the recording process. And lastly, make sure you are not eating food, chewing gum or drinking from an ice filled glass. All these noises will interfere with your audio and make an unpleasant experience for listeners.

5) Be Enthusiastic

Your energy and tone should be that of excitement. You want listeners to be able to feel your passion for the topic at hand, whether it’s business coaching or crocheting. Avoid sounding monotone, bored or flat. This will only make people tune out.

6) Be Insightful

Don’t offer information that can easily be found with a quick Google search. Your listeners tune into podcasts to gain valuable information and knowledge that they cannot find elsewhere – so give them what they want! Prepare some great tips, stories, or behind-the-scenes information in advance so you can deliver quality content that people will want to hear.

7) Be a Good Storyteller

Podcasts are all about storytelling. And as a guest, you should be able to tell a great story that engages listeners and leaves them wanting more. This is your time to shine, so make sure your stories are interesting, relevant and entertaining.

8) Be Concise

It’s important to be concise with your answers. This doesn’t mean giving one-word answers, but it does mean getting to the point quickly without going off on tangents. Remember, you want to keep people engaged, so make sure your responses are direct and to the point.

9) Be Professional

This one goes without saying, but it’s still worth mentioning. You want to be professional at all times, even if you’re discussing casual topics. This means using proper language and being respectful of your host, fellow guests, and listeners. Don’t talk over others, and avoid using profanity.

10) Be Appreciative

Last but not least, always remember to thank your podcast host for the opportunity to be on their show. They took time out of their day (or week) to have you as a guest, so it’s only polite that you express your gratitude. It’s always a wonderful opportunity to be a guest on someone’s podcast, and showing your gratitude can leave a lasting impression, increasing the chances of being invited back for another episode.

You can also show your appreciation by promoting the episode on social media beforehand and after it airs. And if you have any additional skills or talents that you can offer – such as graphics or website design – let your host know! They will be sure to remember your kindness when they are looking for future guests. And of course, you should also thank listeners for tuning in!

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