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Does a Social Media Strategy Need Video Content?

Updated: Sep 9

video content marketing

Many have felt that when it comes to social media, their brand simply does not exist. No matter how much a user posts or how many hashtags they utilize, they cannot seem to increase their overall engagement.

For those that are just starting out, they find that jump-starting their presence is even harder and real growth feels nearly impossible in comparison with similar brands that have seemingly mastered the social media universe.

If you find yourself in this situation, have you considered using video content across your social media channels? Integrating video content into your social media presence isn’t only essential to your engagement metrics and brand awareness, it can also be extremely easy and affordable.

What is the importance of video content?

It’s no secret that in the world of social media, video content is the reigning king. In 2017, more than 500 million people were watching Facebook videos every day, as were 82% of Twitter users. In 2020, those numbers have only increased – and drastically, at that. But why does video content have such a strong foothold for internet traffic?

the importance of video content marketing

Think of it this way: have you ever recommended a great book to a friend who decides they would rather watch the movie? Video has the ability to connect to viewers on a far more emotional level than that of written text, and its subtext doesn’t get lost or forgotten easily. In fact, a message can be communicated more quickly and efficiently in video form.

In addition to the overall emotional connection, there’s the mental component. If you think back to the time you spent on social media over the last few days, can you recall a video that you saw? Now what about an online article or social media post? Like most users, you can probably recount the general message of the video far quicker than you can recall the context of the article. There are studies and statistics supporting this very thing.

A viewer will retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, as opposed to the mere 10% when they read that same message in an article. That is a staggering gap between the two forms of content, and it should tell you right away why video content is so important to your social media strategy.

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does video content matter

What positives derive from having video in your strategy?

Truth be told, there are countless reasons to use video in your social marketing strategy, but three of our top reasons are:

Share testimonials about your product or services – Written testimonials are great, and a five-star rating absolutely be shared and promoted on your social media channels. But how much more provoking and attention-grabbing is a video testimonial of a customer raving about their experience? A video review – when crafted with the audience in mind – can engage its viewers and entice them to learn more about your products and/or services, potentially leading them to become buying customers themselves.

Tell your story to start apart from the competition – We have no doubt that your company has a unique, one-of-a-kind story. Everyone does. But does your social media channels reflect that story? We all love a good brand story, and a captivating video will ensure your story resonates with viewers.

Drive more leads to your website – Having a strong video content strategy is going to encourage your followers to visit your website or online store. Through video, you can gain more traffic, more traffic will lead to conversions, and those conversions into sales.

Do you need a large budget to create high-quality video content?

If you are under the impression that enhancing your social media presence with video content is going to be costly and time-consuming, you’re not alone. But the truth is, it can be as simple as learning a few video production techniques that will allow you to record high-quality video content on your own. If that isn’t something you feel comfortable doing, there are several sites where you can purchase stock video and implement your own logo.

However, if you are looking for unique video content that is customized and tailored to your brand, a video production studio is the way to go.

We create unique, one-of-a-kind content

Sorrentino Media is a national, digital-first video production company headquartered in Manhattan. We specialize in short-form digital content. We churn social media content quickly, work with all budgets and timelines, and create sharp, impressive video content for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube channels.

As a boutique firm, we provide service and attention to our clients that large firms cannot match. Reach out to us online or by phone at (212) 203-8419 to discuss video content production and start increasing your following, presence and impact on social media today!

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