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Remote Video Production

With social distancing restrictions being put into place, working from home has become the new normal and video production projects risk being paused or disrupted. But with Sorrentino Media’s remote-controlled “studio in a box” units, remote video production has never been easier. We have developed these home studio kits to capture high-quality video content with absolutely no in-person interaction from our crew.   

These user-friendly video production kits record high-definition video and allow for HD monitoring and feedback in real-time from anywhere, including the safety and comfort of your own home. 



Fully cleaned & sterilized

Zero in-person interaction

High-definition video content

Remote HD Video Production

We offer a 3-tiered approach to remote video recording. While this all is capable of live streaming, we generally prefer to pre-record videos for the highest quality. All options are focused on a frictionless user experience. Therefore, we have designed these to be small, simple, and easy to use. 


Our remote kits utilize cellular bonding. This takes the home WiFi from the guest, as well as the phone’s internal cellular signal and combines the two into a solid, stable connection.

With the use of a virtual client monitor, your team can monitor within a familiar platform, including Zoom, Webex, etc. Additionally, we will share a password-protected website that allows you to view the direct camera feed (with a slight delay).  

Tier 1: Remote Camera Kit

Our kits use broadcast grade software and hardware, but they're built around a familiar interface: the iPhone.  

Each kit has 2 iPhones. The first is dedicated to obtaining an HD video feed using our cloud servers. The second is for communication with the director and your producing team via the platform of your choice. Included in the kit is an easy-to-use light, broadcast-quality microphone, and an IFB earpiece. 

Tier 2: User-provided device with desktop light and mic

Using the same software and connectivity as above, we will ask the interviewee to download and install an app on their device. We will then send a link via email that will pre-program the app. We will ship a desktop ring light and microphone that is designed to work with the device.   

Tier 3: Skype for Broadcast

We use the SkypeTX hardware that enables an isolated feed from up to 4 remote guests at a time. The user must either install Skype onto their computer/tablet, or we can share a web link and generic login information. 


SkypeTX allows for limited compression, isolated audio, and minimal delay. This relies on the guest to have reliable internet connectivity and a stable computer.

How it Works


Our team will assemble your remote video production kit, which will be fully cleaned, sterilized and shipped directly to your door, ready for use.


The unit will be remote-controlled and operated live by our team, who will control the lighting, angles and camera settings. We will make any necessary final adjustments prior to going live.  


We will begin a single or multi-camera live stream or we will take the high-definition recorded footage and deliver your custom edited video content. 

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Sorrentino Media is a digital-first video production company with a state-of-the-art studio located in Manhattan, NY. We specialize in short-form digital content. Our team consists of Michael Sorrentino as the CEO and Executive Producer along with a team of producers, cinematographers, and editors. We are a boutique firm, providing service that a big firm simply cannot match. Contact Sorrentino Media online or call (212) 203-8419 with any questions or to order your remote video production kit today!


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