Remote Production for Live Events

If your live event, corporate conference, trade show or company-wide meeting is at risk of being cancelled or postponed due to current circumstances, Sorrentino Media may be the answer you’ve been looking for. With more than a decade of experience, we are here to help you successfully transition your events from in-person to virtual by means of remote video production.  

Virtual Conferences, Conventions & Trade Shows

Sorrentino Media supports a vast array of virtual events through live event production, including:

  • Single or multi-day conventions

  • Corporate conferences

  • Trade shows

  • Town halls

  • Keynotes

Our team will guide you through each step of the process and will work closely with you to help strategize and execute your ideal concept for the live event. We will control lighting and camera movements, as well as provide multiple levels of support to ensure the event is a success, including practice rehearsals to work out any kinks or technical issues.

We can also customize your virtual event to fit your needs. This includes incorporating pre-recorded video, live Q&A, polls or another user interactivity that will create the live stream experience you want.

How We Produced CrimeCon Remotely

We recently completed a project with CrimeCon, a really cool True Crime convention! Since the convention was virtual this year due to COVID,  we helped produce their live stream and created a lot of pre-produced content via remote production.

Check out the video below to find out how we did it while keeping everyone safe! 

Why Choose Remote Video Production?

Rather than opting to cancel or postpone your live event, you can choose remote production for live events as the next best option. Not only does remote production offer high-res quality that is far superior to Zoom or other video communication platforms, but you will create a memorable experience for attendees amid a difficult time. Further, you can host your event from anywhere you choose, and use various tools and analytics to track viewership.

With the latest advancements in technology, remote video production has become increasingly developed, pragmatic and innovative. It’s a proven alternative to traditional video production, especially amid social distancing restrictions.

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How Does Remote Production Work?

Sorrentino Media takes a three-tiered approach to remote production. You can choose which ever tier works best for your company and situation.

Tier 1: Remote Camera Kit

Within this tier, our remote production kit does the heavy lifting. It consists of two iPhones – the first dedicated to obtaining high-def video feed using our cloud servers, while the other is strictly used for communication. It also includes a microphone and IFB earpiece.

Tier 2: Used-Provided Device

Like the software and connectivity in tier 1, in this tier the client will need to download and install an app on their personal device. Our team will send over a desktop ring light and microphone that is designed to work for your own device.

Tier 3: Skype for Broadcast

In this third tier, our team will use SkypeTX hardware that can enable an isolated feed from up to four remote guests at once. This tier heavily relies on the guests having reliable internet connectivity and a stable computer or PC.

Whichever tier is the best option for your company, they all offer the same outcome of being able to effectively capture an event live from a remote location while the production side of things are taking place in a studio or control room at a different location.

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What Are the Benefits of Producing a Live Event Remotely?

Aside from keeping everyone safe during unprecedented times with COVID-19, other benefits include budget, productivity, and efficiency. Producing a live event in person can get very costly when you factor in travel expenses – such as airfare, hotel stays and meals – in addition to the cost of transporting equipment and having a crew on site. But with remote production, the need to travel and transport equipment is eliminated, and a much smaller crew can produce the event from a remote setting. The time it normally takes to set up and breakdown equipment is also eliminated.

Since traditional video production would require sending a team to an on-site location for shooting, it would also mean that this is the only project they can focus on that day. With remote production, a team can work on several various projects all at once, maximizing their workflow, productivity, and efficiency.

Does Everyone Need to Be Fully Remote?

No, the entire staff and crew do not necessarily need to be fully remote. We offer two different categories of remote production – fully remote and hybrid remote. In the hybrid approach, we are sending a small crew to your location where they will have various pieces of equipment and a small set up. They then send the live feed over to our team in Manhattan, where the communication is in real-time.

In a truly remote setting, both the team and the talent are completely separate, in their own remote locations. In these instances, we rely on our remote production kits to do the heavy lifting, as we cannot have our own team and equipment on site.

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