Since the on-set of the coronavirus pandemic, we needed to quickly discover new ways to produce content while ensuring the safety and health of everyone involved. There are two forms of remote production that have allowed us to do this – hybrid remote and true remote.

Below we discuss the differences between these two forms of remote video production, and in each video we explain how we have handled multi-camera projects when we can’t all be together in one location.

Hybrid Remote Production

Now that we’re currently seven months into the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve found ourselves in a hybrid phase where a few people can be on-site during production, but we’re still trying to keep actual in-person efforts and interactions to an absolute minimal.

Therefore, what we will do is a send a small camera crew to our clients’ location, and on-site at that location will be various pieces of equipment that we use in video production, such as lights and an overhead camera.

What will then happen is that the crew will send a feed over to us in New York City, where we can then communicate in real time, add graphics, and properly edit the content for social media. It’s essentially a virtual control room where everyone can be “on set,” except they’re all at various remote locations around the country.

Hybrid remote production is one of the solutions that we’ve found to producing gorgeous, high-res video content while still maintaining social distancing restrictions. Not only do we keep everyone safe, but it really works!

True Remote Production

Now that you’ve seen how hybrid video production works when we’re using a small crew on-site, let’s see how video production looks when everyone – the crew and the talent – are one hundred percent remote, which is considered true remote production.

Remote Production Kits

The first step will be setting up equipment. You can use our remote camera kits or bring your own device – such as an iPhone – and use our recording app.

In the video below, we are using Webex to communicate, but you can use any program that you are comfortable with, whether it’s Zoom, Google Hangouts or Microsoft Teams. This will be our way of communicating live with both the team and clients.

On any given production project, we remain in constant communication with the director, production assistant, and other members of the team who will be handing the actual recording of the content.

We will then send our client’s a link to a virtual monitor, where they can see a multi-view of each individual camera and ensure that they are happy with the resolution prior to recording. Once the live recording session has ended, our editors will instantly have access to the files and can start the post-production process in order to create the final product.

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Whether our team is entirely remote, or we’re functioning with a small crew on-site, both options have been essential to video production amid a global pandemic. If you have any questions about remote video production, reach out to us today!

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