Remote film crew instructs a subject where to look while producers are on Zoom.

The Three Keys to Successful Key Opinion Leader (KOL) Interviews: Unpacking the Art of Pharmaceutical Storytelling

In the pharmaceutical field, the stories of how medication can dramatically transform lives are awe-inspiring and deeply human. At Sorrentino Media, we’ve been fortunate enough to partner with several firms for this type of content marketing, using our expertise in video…

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graphic - in an online interview

Are Virtual Events Here to Stay?

When the COVID-19 pandemic began, there was a massive shift from physical events to virtual alternatives. After nearly two years of this “new normal,” we’ve all grown accustomed to virtual conventions, keynotes, trade shows, and conferences. Of course, this was…

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film set crew

Did the Pandemic Change Video Production for Good?

The production industry – like most industries – was hit hard by the global coronavirus pandemic. During the first few weeks, production projects across the nation, ranging from big-budget motion pictures to live conferences, were coming to a complete and…

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remote video production

How We Developed Our Remote Video Production Kits

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, we needed to quickly create a workflow that included options for remote video production. Our team came up with a solution in the form of our remote production kits, which remain unlike anything…

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man talking

How We Did It: Overstock Made for TV

We recently completed a project with Overstock for their holiday commercial. Mike Sorrentino and Omar Lopez Jr., our Director of Photography, discuss some of the challenges and benefits of working in a remote production environment for broadcast television. Check it…

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kids playing instrument and performing

How We Did It: Nickelodeon & Abercrombie Kids

Our production crew recently completed a project with Nickelodeon and Abercrombie Kids where, due to COVID restrictions, every person was in a remote setting. In the video below, we chat with our Director of Photography, Omar Lopez Jr., about some…

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thumbnail great wolf lodge live

Types of Remote Video Production: Hybrid vs. True

Since the on-set of the coronavirus pandemic, we needed to quickly discover new ways to produce content while ensuring the safety and health of everyone involved. There are two forms of remote production that have allowed us to do this…

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in a set

Create Instructional Videos with Remote Production

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, remote work became a new normal for a vast array of industries, including video production. Crew members are able to capture high-quality video with zero in-person contact between staff or talent. In fact, remote production…

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is remote production the new normal graphic

Is Remote the New Normal for Video Production?

Working remotely from our home offices is by no means a new concept. Many companies were allowing their employees to work remotely long before the COVID-19 pandemic struck and turned the world upside down. When the coronavirus hit, many scrambled…

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video production stock photo

Benefits of Remote Video Production

With the outbreak of COVID-19, a lot of businesses needed to quickly pivot into work-from-home situations, including video production companies. Agencies were forced to suddenly halt and shut down their current productions, or drastically reduce the amount of staff involved…

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