Video has become a cornerstone of most marketing strategies and campaigns. Consumers are far more likely to work with a brand that utilizes video on their social media and website, and most would prefer to watch a video about a service or product rather than read through lengthy text.

If video hasn’t made its way into your marketing strategy yet, now is the time to change that and consider implementing branded video content into your campaigns.

As a full-service production company, Sorrentino Media has worked on a vast array of projects and have crafted our fair share of branded video content for countless brands. We’ve compiled our top three recommendations for branded video content that we feel every business needs.

What is a Branded Video?

Before diving in, let’s first start with the most common question: “What is a brand video?” Simply put, a branded video is produced by or for a brand and is used for marketing purposes. This can include videos used on social media handles, websites, advertisements, and so forth.

Generally, the goal of branded video content is to portray the overall company’s purpose, mission, services or products. You’re more or less telling your audience who you are, what you do, where you came from, and why you exist. You are both increasing brand awareness and potentially converting visitors into buyers, customers or clients at the same time.

Are Branded Videos Important?

Absolutely! Video has the power to educate, influence, empower and engage viewers. It can effect their minds and hearts in a way that written content simply cannot. When branded content is done right, it has the capability of taking the viewer on a journey while you tell your company’s story.

Even more important is that branded content can take many forms and you can utilize whichever video works best for your own story and marketing efforts. Read on to learn about our top recommended brand video types!

1. Product Explainer or Demo

Product videos are probably the most common type of branded video content and are generally used to show off a product or service. But a product explainer or demo videos do a lot more than just explain what your product is and what it does. They showcase to your potential customers the solution that your product provides to whatever issue or problem they are having. Basically, you’re showcasing – in video form – why they need what you have to offer. A product demonstration will generally offer a more technical standpoint to your product, as it differs from the intent of an explainer video. They are both informative and practical, making these video types so popular among companies.

Haven’t you ever searched for a video in answer to a problem or question you have, often times looking for a product or service that will solve the issue for you? Sometimes we all need a little help in the form of instructional videos, and companies will create these videos to showcase, not just how to use their product (demo), but also what makes their product so beneficial and necessary to the consumer (explainer).

Both forms are highly effective, and they often play a critical role in helping consumers progress further down the buying funnel to make a final purchase, resulting in a new customer and higher sales.

2. Testimonials

A testimonial video is exactly as it sounds – it’s a real review or statement from a previous customer or client. They are one of the most powerful marketing tools and branded video content forms because they provide an immediate lift in your overall trust and credibility.

A good testimonial is believable and relatable because it features an average person, not a professional actor or spokesperson. And as we all know, people trust the opinions of their friends and peers more than advertisements.

When potential customers see real people giving positive feedback about your product or service, it helps to solidify your company’s credibility and not only can it push them closer to making a purchase or conversion, but it helps them to visualize themselves using your product and feeling as happy and satisfied as the person leaving the testimonial.

When online shopping, who among us does not automatically go right to the reviews section of the product page or website? As consumers, we want this sense of trust and reliance. We want the assurance that the product will exceed our expectations and will take care of our wants and needs.

The downside of written reviews is that these can very often be – and most times are – fake testimonials. Whereas faking a video testimonial is not online much more difficult but also extremely unlikely. For this reason, including customer testimonials in your branded video content arsenal is a must-have.

3. Company Culture

Your company culture is what makes you stand out from all your competitors. It’s the personality of your business, and it should be communicated in everything that you do, including your branded video content.

A video that showcases your company culture can be a great way to attract the right talent, as well as show off what it’s like to work for your company. And potential customers will love getting a peek behind the scenes, too!

It can also help to build trust and loyalty among your current customer base by illustrating how much you care about your employees and how you prioritize their happiness and satisfaction.

Company culture videos don’t have to be slick or professional – they can be fun, unique and quirky, such as office parties or events, co-worker pranks, and impromptu employee interviews.

We Create High-Quality Video Content

In conclusion, there are many more types of branded video content aside from the few that we’ve mentioned, and all of which serve a purpose and function in a solid marketing strategy.

At Sorrentino Media, we understand the importance of quality video content when it comes to branding your business. That’s why we specialize in creating high-quality product videos, testimonial videos, and so much more that will help you attract more customers and increase sales.

Contact us today to learn about our video production services and to discuss how we can take your branded video content to the next level for your company and business.