A production company is responsible for the creation of all kinds of video content, which can range from feature films, TV shows, music videos, shareable content for social media, ads and commercials, short films, and much more. They will oversee the project from start until finish and support all facets involved with production – ranging anywhere from budgeting, scripting, casting, filming, and post-production editing.

Let’s take a closer look at the different components of video content creation that would generally fall under the responsibility of a production company.

Planning & Scripting

As with any project, planning is a crucial step in the creation process. Production companies take a lot into consideration when planning out each project. Most producers will arrange schedules between themselves, the crew members, their clients and anyone else that will be involved with the shoot. They’ll also need to determine a budget, locations for filming, lighting setup, transportation of equipment, and establish a clear timeline as to when and how they’ll accomplish each step of production.

Another important task of a production company is crafting the script. Depending upon the size of the production company, they may have a team of writers on their crew that are solely responsible for screenwriting. Smaller production companies may hire freelancers and independent writers. Either way, it’s a crucial step in the development of video content and generally paves the way to casting roles for each part.

Casting & Hiring

A production company often handles the job of casting roles and this is another important element of the production process. Most production companies will have someone in mind for each role in the early stages of scripting – and if creating content for a specific purpose, such as shareable social media video or TV commercials, the clients who hired the production company may already have someone in mind for the on-camera roles. Production companies may also look to a local talent agency to find the right person for their role, and when necessary, may hire a model, actor or extras, depending upon their needs and budget.

Production companies will also put together a crew for each project. Team members may include a director, screenwriter, designer, cinematographer, and editor. Depending upon the size of the project, they may require a larger or smaller production team. But this would ultimately fall to the producer to make the final decisions when hiring.

Content Development & Post-Production Editing

Once all aspects of pre-production are complete, the production company will move on to executing their plan and creating the actual video content. The crew will take their initial concept and proceed with filming, editing, and producing a final product.

What Type of Production Company Do You Need?

Whether you’re looking to create video content for your website or social media profiles, there are really excellent benefits that come from hiring a video production company. Be sure to carefully research and find the right kind of production company for your particular needs. You’ll also want to educate yourself on some of their recent projects and read through several testimonials from previous clients before choosing the right production company for your business or brand.

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