Large organizations, small businesses, and institutions of all kinds are expected to create various types of content, ranging from blogs, infographics, podcasts, video, social media posts, and much more. But of all types of content, video should be at the top of your list. The popularity of video has grown exponentially in recent years and has become a staple in our everyday lives. It’s no longer a suggestion for success, but a requirement. Simply put, if video is not yet part of your business and marketing strategy, it should be!

That being said, where should you post your video content? Consider the following platforms where your video should be shared for maximum viewership, traffic, and conversions.


Adding video content to is a simple way to improve your business website. It allows you to share your story in a way that will resonate with your visitors and build their trust in your brand. It will also keep users on your site longer, allowing them ample time to engage and convert once on site. The use of video content is a popular, fast and convenient way of attaining the interest of your audience. Further, by implementing video content on your website, it allows additional opportunities for your site to rank on search engines. Google loves video, and more often than not, you will find video search results before any regular web listings. If your website currently does not have video, it’s a great time to start thinking about what kind of video content is right for your brand – whether it’s an “About Us” video, product explainer video, crowdfunding campaign video, or more!

Social Media

Your social media channels handles should always contain some form of video content. Facebook is the ideal platform for video because it allows viewers to engage in a way that text and photos simply cannot. Not only does it provide a great tool for users to learn about your business or product, but it’s also easy to consume. Most modern consumers are too busy during their day-to-day to read through a long production description or sort through various reviews. They want to see the product in action, and video makes this possible – and affordable!

In recent years, Instagram made the move to longer videos. Why? They simply responded to the trend they were seeing; people want more videos in their feed. The once image-sharing network incorporated video into their platform to hop on the bandwagon, and it’s a good thing they did – sharing video content on Instagram is another creative way to show your audience exactly who you are.

Your Twitter account shouldn’t be overlooked, either. Since video content can play automatically, it gives you the prime opportunity to grab the attention of the viewer right away and pull in new audiences. Do you have video content that’s perhaps too lengthy for a social media feed? Cut it into GIFs to feature your business, product or brand in an imaginative way and showcase more than a still image.


YouTube is the second most used search engine in the world – second only to Google – and approximately 400 hours of video content uploaded every minute. With that said, some videos perform well, while others do not. The secret to navigating this video-hosting platform is knowing your audience and optimizing each video with SEO – including a catchy title, innovative description and links to your website and social media handles. This will allow users to take further action after they land on your videos. Remember, too, that the most engaged videos on YouTube are significantly longer than the most engaged videos on Facebook – meaning that if you have video content just too lengthy for social media, your best bet would be to place it on YouTube.

Get the Video Content You Need!

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