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5 Reasons to Invest in Video Production

Updated: May 5

You Should Invest in Video Production & Here’s Why…

Video marketing is the use of video to promote your brand, service and/or product. In today’s social media and technology driven world, video content has become an increasingly more powerful tool where organizations are able to connect with potential buyers and influence consumers. Needless to say, there are countless opportunities to use video in your marketing strategy, and we wanted to share our top 5 reasons to invest in video production.

What is Video Production?

Before diving into our top reasons to invest in video production, let’s first define what video production actually means. Simply put, it’s the process of creating video – whether that be a full-length feature film, a short film, a commercial or advertisement, an explainer video, and so forth.

Video production can be broken down into three main stages: pre-production, filming, and post-production. Pre-production involves creating a script, hiring a cast, determining location for shoots, determining a budget, and acquiring all the necessary equipment, such as lighting and cameras. Once filming is complete, post-production would involve editing the video to produce a final product. This might involve adding in backgrounds, music and special effects. A production company would be responsible for all stages of production, right down to the editing and supplying a final product.

Why Invest in Video Production?

1. Tell Your Story

Every person, company and brand has a unique story and a one-of-a-kind message. Video is the only way to tell that story in a way that will not only reach a tremendous scope of audiences but will also resonate with viewers. For example, “About Us” videos are an excellent way to attract potential employees, drive new business and spread awareness of your mission. A production company will create gorgeous video content that captures who your company is, what you represent, and why you stand apart from the competition.

2. Share Testimonials & Successes

In addition to telling your own story, sometimes a satisfied customer can tell it even better. A video testimonial where customers discuss their experiences and success stories can provide an entirely new level of branded content which opens countless opportunities for your marketing strategy. A seasoned video production company will know the best way to shoot a testimonial video where it engages viewers and entices them to learn more about your brand.

3. Customer Experience

When it comes to sales, oftentimes the most powerful selling point is your video content. A production company can help you create an engaging sales video that features your product, company or brand which will manage expectations, answer primary questions and keep viewers updated. All of which improves overall customer experience.

4. Drive More Leads

Having video on your website is going to retain more visitors, lengthen their average session duration, increase pageviews and improve the likelihood that they will submit a contact form or give you a call directly. Implementing video content on your site is going to improve engagement metrics all around, and a video production company has unique perspectives on what kind of video will best suit your website and business to drive the most leads and engagement.

5. Improve Team Efficiency

Video content doesn’t have to be purely for your current or potential customers, or to grow your engagement metrics. It can (and should) be used as a tool to improve the efficiency of your team internally. For example, an experienced production company can help you create an introductory video for new hires which answers the most frequently asked questions at your company, allowing your entire team to make the most efficient use of their time.

Why Use a Production Company?

A production company will have the know-how, resources and equipment to create gorgeous video content for your company. While many opt to produce content in-house, this can sometimes lead to unfinished work, missed deadlines, poor video quality, lack of creativity, and missed opportunities. It is far better to bring in the opinion and expertise of a leader in the field of video production.

The best part about hiring a production company is you’ll now have unique, stunning video content for years to come. Whether it’s a promo video for a product, an “About Us” video for your website, or even training videos for new hires, you will have everything you need to accomplish your goals – whether that be drawing in new business, building up your employees or spreading your brand’s message on social media.

Contact Our Production Company in NYC

If you’re interested in learning more about video production, contact us to discuss how video content can benefit your business. Sorrentino Media is a digital-first video production company with state-of-the-art production studios in NYC.

Our team consists of Michael Sorrentino, CEO, Executive Producer and master storyteller, along with a team of producers, cinematographers, and editors. We are a boutique production firm, and as such, we provide service that larger firms cannot match. We specialize in remote video production and short-form digital content.

We work with budgets and timelines of all kinds, and we would love to hear about your business and next project. Reach out to us about your next video production project today!

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