As video continues to take more prominence in marketing and SEO, the quest for video production has become a priority among business owners. Why? Because video can significantly benefit a company by generating more leads and increasing brand awareness. This is especially true for small businesses or startup companies that have little to no budget for marketing. A promo video would allow them to go up against a larger, more established competitor in their field, industry, or local area.

Video SEO vs Traditional SEO

When it comes to search engines, one cannot underestimate the effects and need of written content. Ranking your website or blog highly on Google, Bing and other search engines is incredibly important, not to mention aggressive in competition. However, in recent years, more people are turning to video to spread their message, such as through Facebook and YouTube. Not only are videos far easier to rank, but YouTube is the second most popular search engine today – a close contender with Google – and has over 30 million users per day. Further, since YouTube is owned by Google, it stands to reason that if you rank highly on a YouTube search, you’ll also rank highly on a Google search. By targeting keywords in your video description, getting subscribers and driving traffic to your videos by sharing on your social media and website, you can turn your video marketing into actual leads.

Additionally, traditional SEO is in the form of written content, such as blog posts. But this form of content can only rank for traditional search engine results. Video has the ability to rank on both Google and YouTube, and if you combine the forces of social media – such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – the possibilities of reach are endless. This is not to say that traditional SEO is not important, because it absolutely is, but video content will allow you to leverage your written SEO content and get the best of both worlds.

Why Use a Video Production Company?

Everyone loves a good story. With the right video production company, you will have a master storyteller spin your company history, purpose and message into a captivating, professional video that you can use for years to come. A production company has the know-how and resources to create stunning video content that will capture the essence of your brand and what or who you represent.

The best part? There is no cost to posting your videos on social media, YouTube or across your website. Once you have the perfect “About Us” or promo video, you can share it over and over again, continuously increasing your brand awareness, spreading your message and improving your rankings. Through video you can gain tons of traffic, that traffic will turn into conversions, and those conversions into sales.

Our NYC Video Production Company

Sorrentino Media is a digital-first video production company with a state-of-the-art studio located in Manhattan, NY. We specialize in short-form digital content. Our team consists of Michael Sorrentino, CEO, Executive Producer and master storyteller, along with a team of producers, cinematographers, and editors. We are a boutique firm, providing service that a big firm simply cannot match. We work with budgets and timelines of all kinds, and we would love to hear about your business and next project.

Reach out online or give us a call at (212) 203-8419 to speak with Sorrentino Media today!