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What is a Production Company?

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

what is a production company

A production company produces visual or audio entertainment, such as film, plays, radio content and television programs. They create video content from start to finish – whether this be in the form of a feature film, short film, social media video, commercials, YouTube content, and so forth.

They will assist with scripting, filming, final production, and everything in between. Pre-production will revolve around the planning, budgeting, scripting, and casting, while post-production involves editing the video content and preparing for its final copy.

How to Choose a Video Production Company

1) What Type of Production Company Do You Need?

what does a production company do

This is the first thing you need to figure out when you’re seeking out a production company for your brand. What kind of production company do you need specifically? There are multiple types.

While of course there are film production companies, where their primarily focus is on creating content for movies and television, there are also production companies that are strictly geared towards social media videos, YouTube content, and video footage for the websites of businesses and corporations.

Further, there are audio production companies which work alongside the radio or music industry and will record, produce and publish music for their consumers. This would also include the increasingly popular demand of podcasts. Of course, if a production company is large enough, they can do all of the above under the same roof.

Regardless, before you can really home in on the right production company for your brand, you first need to narrow down the category.

2) Has the Production Company Worked on a Similar Project?

You’ll also want to take note of the other companies and brands that the production company has worked with. Are any of them widely known? Have they handled large projects with major corporations, or have they primarily worked with small businesses? Check on their website for a page that lists previous clients, do your due diligence to get some solid background information on the production company’s history and work experience, and obviously, take note of any previous projects or clients that are similar to your own!

3) Do They Have Good Reviews and Testimonials?

A small but essential part to choosing a production company lies in the feedback and reviews they’ve received from previous clients. Often times, a production company will have various testimonials on their website for you to browse, but you can also do your research by reading through their Facebook and Google My Business reviews. This will give you a clear indication of the quality of their work, and if you get the green light in your head to choose them for your next project.

Contact Our Video Production Company Today!

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Sorrentino Media is a national, digital-first video production company headquartered in Manhattan, NYC. We specialize in short-form digital content, and as a boutique production company, we provide service and attention to our clients that large production studios simply cannot match.

We have a vast list of video production projects that we’ve worked on, and we would love to hear about your needs for video production and see how we can make your goals a reality. Reach out to us online or by phone at (212) 203-8419 to speak with a member of the Sorrentino Media team today!

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